Getting Around Addis Ababa

Explore the transportation options in Addis Ababa from Lada and meter taxis, Ride service, minibuses, the light rail system, and more… read more

Getting Around Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa Transport Options

Navigating Addis Ababa offers a variety of transportation options, ensuring convenience and accessibility for both residents and visitors. Here’s a breakdown of the choices available for moving around the city:

Lada Taxis

A familiar sight on Addis Ababa’s streets, Lada taxis, recognizable by their distinctive blue and white exterior, offer a readily available but slightly pricey means of transportation. Negotiate the fare before boarding to avoid confusion or overpricing.

Meter Taxis

Yellow ‘meter taxis’ are a relatively recent addition to Addis Ababa’s transportation scene. Despite the presence of meters, these taxis operate similarly to Ladas, with fares agreed upon verbally before the journey.


Ride, the prominent taxi-hailing service, has become a ubiquitous and affordable option for travel within Addis Ababa. Widely available in the city and expanding its coverage to surrounding areas, Ride offers convenience and ease of use.


For a budget-friendly and convenient option, consider jumping on a shared minibus. Easily identifiable by their blue-and-white exteriors, minibuses operate from 5 am to 9 pm, with fares ranging from 2 to 10 Birr. Main starting stops include Piazza, Meskel Sq, Merkato, Arat Kilo, and Churchill Avenue. Each minibus follows a set route, so listen to the helper’s destination announcement.

Addis Light Rail

Addis Ababa features a limited metro tram service with two lines: the Blue Line from Menilik II Square in the north to Kaliti in the south, and the Green Line from Torhailoch in the east to the west. With 39 stations in total, both lines include stops at key locations. Ticket prices range from 2 to 6 Birr, depending on the distance traveled, and can be purchased at all stations.

East – West (Green Line): Ayat, Meri, C.M.C, St Michael, Civil Service College, Management Institute, Gurd Shola 1, Gurd Shola 2, Megenagna, Lem Hotel, Hayahulet 1, Hayahulet 2, St. Urael, Bambis, St. Estfanos, Stadium, Leghar, Mexico, Tegbaret, St Lideta, Cocacola, Torhailoch

North – South (Blue Line): Menilik II Square, Atikilt Tera, Gojam Berenda, Autobus Tera, Sebategna, Abnet, Darmar, St Lideta, Tegbaret, Mexico, Leghar, Stadium, Meshwalekya, Riche, Temenja Yazh, Lancha, Nefas Silk 2, Nefas Silk 1, Adey Abeba, Saris, Abo Junction, Kaliti


While buses provide an option for travel, they are generally crowded and not recommended for tourists seeking a more comfortable and efficient means of transportation in Addis Ababa.